Closing The Gaps Activities

C1 Digital Learning – Women Are Informed (Greece)


All participants will attend a hands-on Seminar on the basics of using IT, as well as the basics of social media. This will allow participants to be trained in the core framework so that they can assimilate the following sections. With the advancement of technology and the importance of ICT knowledge in today’s society, digital training has become a valuable aid to lifelong learning and prosperity. This Training Seminar will inform educators with more relevant content, improved accessibility and improved learning experience, compatible with current changes in the digital world. Therefore, they will use this Module as a model to carry out their own short training in women and transmit them their digital skills and competences in order to meet the rapidly changing digital world.


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Soft Skills presentation

Digital Skills & the Workplace

Website development

Kahoot game


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How To Make a WordPress Website

How to Build a Website with WordPress



C2 Internet and Risks (Romania)


In this section, digital communication experts as well as health experts (especially against internet addiction) will discuss with the participants and present safe ways to use the Internet. In today’s digital world, maximizing a user’s personal security (digital health and well-being) and security against the risk of interception of private information and assets related to Internet use, as well as cybercrime protection, is generally considered imperative. Digital health and wellness are important for our physical and psychosocial well-being in the technological world we live in nowadays. Therefore, educators will develop the necessary digital skills and competences required to control the risks of the Internet. They will hence use the acquits from this Unit as a model to carry out their own short training in women to impart to them the digital competences they have developed, in order to help them acquire the appropriate skills in terms of effective control of Internet risks in their personal but mainly in their professional life.

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Dangers of the Internet

Ethics of the Internet

Online Frauds

Addiction & Well-Being

C3 Digital Business Skills (Cyprus)


Participants will gain digital business skills in this section by participating in business simulation games prepared by the host organization. They will, therefore, use this Module as a model to carry out their own short training in women in order to impart to them the digital skills and competences required for an effective participation in the organization of a business or even in the establishment of their own business. The main goal of the activity is for the participants to learn how to use business simulations that are necessary in order to learn how to “build” a simulated start-up business. The trainees will act as if they were the Board of Directors of a company and will have specific roles (Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources / Organization and Innovation) in order to manage their simulated company and determine its direction with the aim of launching it, making decisions regarding its strategy, financing, market, operations, staffing and innovation.

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Create your business plan and design your corporate identity

Marketing Plan

Branding & Storytelling

C4 Online Marketing Strategies (Greece)


In this section, participants will learn the basic framework of the marketing field and will specialize in Internet Marketing for the female entrepreneur. With so many people on the internet, it is important for businesses to be directly connected to the internet, as our online presence grows and the way we shop online is constantly evolving. Internet or digital marketing is important because more and more consumers are connected to the Internet who need to be reached. Therefore, the trainers will use this Module as a model to conduct their own short training in women to impart to them the necessary digital competences in order for them to be trained in the digital skills and competences required for the development of internet marketing strategies.

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Digital Marketing

Learn how to build your Digital Marketing Plan 

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